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Alternative forms[edit]


organize +‎ -able


organizable (comparative more organizable, superlative most organizable)

  1. Able to be organized
    • 1850, Thomas Carlyle, Latter-Day Pamphlets[1]:
      On this ground, if not on all manner of other grounds, it may be truly said, the "Organization of Labor" (not organizable by the mad methods tried hitherto) is the universal vital Problem of the world.
    • 1859, Joseph Maclise, Surgical Anatomy[2]:
      When the outer and inner walls of a part of the urethra are involved in the effused organizable matter, and on contracting towards each other, encroach at the same time upon the area of the canal.
    • 1922, Selig Perlman, A History of Trade Unionism in the United States[3]:
      A better index of progress is the proportion of organized workers to organizable workers.