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oscillo- +‎ -gram


oscillogram (plural oscillograms)

  1. A record produced by an oscillograph or oscilloscope.
    • 1903 March 6, The Electrical Review[1], volume 52, number 1319, page 416:
      The R.M.S. value of the pressure was taken from the oscillogram by taking the square root of the average value of the squares of a number of equi-distant ordinates; the R.M.S. value of the current was obtained in the same way from the current oscillogram, and the two values multiplied together always gave a value agreeing to within 1 per cent. of that obtained by first multiplying the ordinates taken from the current and voltage oscillograms and then taking the mean.
    • 1994, M.I. Petrosyan, Rock Breakage by Blasting[2], page 37:
      The process was controlled through oscillograms that showed the moments of breakage of the graphite rods.
    • 2015, Veniamin Nazarov, Nonlinear Acoustic Waves in Micro-inhomogeneous Solids[3], page 188:
      From these oscillograms, it is visible that the resonator oscillations are noticeably inharmonic and asymmetric ones.