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Alternative forms[edit]


ouranophobia (uncountable)

  1. fear of heaven
    • 2011, Randal Rauser, The Confessions of an Ouranophobe, or How I got over my fear of heaven:
      Now I’m not saying I was ever clinically diagnosed with ouranophobia. I wasn’t.
    • 2013, Sergio De La Pava, A Naked Singularity, ISBN 178206656X, page 341:
      Besides, maybe I don't want heaven regardless of the price. Maybe I have Ouranophobia and am consequently scared shitless by the very mention of heaven.
    • 2016 Fall, Davis Webster, “Wyo.”, in Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction, volume 18, number 2:
      She thinks I'm bringing this up to make fun of her, but I explain that (a) her fears are adorable, and (b) that's not the point. I tell her I think we both suffer from ouranophobia and she asks what that means and I tell her we're afraid of heaven.