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Alternative forms[edit]

  • out-shoot


out- +‎ shoot


outshoot (third-person singular simple present outshoots, present participle outshooting, simple past and past participle outshot)

  1. (sports, US) To score more goals than the other side in a goal sport such as hockey or soccer
    • 2001, June 4, “Andrew R. Tripaldi”, in SOCCER; Despite Being Outshot, the Power Upends the Breakers[1]:
      Boston outshot New York by 16-10, including by 8-3 in the first half, but Gao Hong, the Power's goaltender, covered her zone impressively.
  2. (transitive) To fire a gun more accurately than.
    "I can outdrink, outsmoke and outshoot any man in this bar!" exclaimed the cowboy.