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oval +‎ -ize


ovalize (third-person singular simple present ovalizes, present participle ovalizing, simple past and past participle ovalized)

  1. Of a circle, to become stretched out in one direction, thereby becoming an oval.
    • 1974, I. S. Tuba, R. A. Selby, Wallace B. Wright, Pressure Vessels and Piping: Analysis and Computers, page 99:
      The pipe partially restrains the elbow from ovalization but the elbow tendency to ovalize forces the pipe to ovalize.
    • 2003, G. A. Antaki, Piping and Pipeline Engineering, page 285:
      Under the effect of soil and external loads, the buried pipe will tend to ovalize, causing through-wall bending stresses.
    • 2012, Karl J. Niklas, Hanns-Christof Spatz, Plant Physics, page 192:
      We say “in theory” because the cross section of a thin-walled tube can ovalize upon bending, which can lead to a local collapse of the tube.