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over-accommodate (third-person singular simple present over-accommodates, present participle over-accommodating, simple past and past participle over-accommodated)

  1. Alternative form of overaccommodate
    1. To be too accommodating.
      • 1970, Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons, Papers by Command - Volume 24, page 267:
        I would much rather put it in the way in which we put it in our memorandum, which deals with, first of all, ascertaining what a person's housing needs are, finding a house which will accommodate him and his family — not over-accommodate or under-accommodate them — and finding one which is at a rent he can afford and which, in general terms, is in an area in which he wishes to live.
      • 2001, Fatima Bennouiss, Moroccan Female Power Negotiation, page 27:
        There are cases where some Moroccan women are unnecessarily cautious, careful and polite, trying either to under-accommodate or over-accommodate their use of address expressions on some occasions.
      • 2003, Labour arbitration cases, page 422:
        It is her job to neither over-accommodate nor under-accommodate the employees' needs.
    2. To misadjust the focal point of the eye.
      • 1942, Ohio State University, Abstracts of Doctors' Dissertations - Volume 40, page 143:
        This can be done by subtracting one-half the depth of focus from the stimulus to accommodation when the subject over-accommodated and by adding one-half the depth when he under-accommodated.
      • 1960, Optometric World - Volume 48, page 34:
        Actually, this is not generally true and one may under-accommodate or over-accommodate and still see clearly due to the depth of focus of the eye.