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over- +‎ leak


overleak (third-person singular simple present overleaks, present participle overleaking, simple past and past participle overleaked)

  1. To leak over.
    • 1847, The Great Britain Steam Ship, page 51:
      Without entering further into detail of all that took place at that remarkable interview, in which Mr. Bremner stated it was not his opinion only, but that of Mr. Crew and all on board, suffice it to say, Mr. Bremner's alarms were solely founded upon the belief that the ship would overleak the pumps, as she had in the engine-room and fore hold on that day's trial.
    • 1970, Robert L. Hilten, The Hiwassee Story, page 177:
      Oft the fins of the volcano frantic with burning rage, madly heaves and struggles in the restless bosom of the mountain, and shaking the ponderous globe, scornfully overleak the rock walls within which they have been impaled, until their "Horrid roar embowels with outrageous noise the air" and blazing ruin scorches the fertile field and plain, and proud cities, with all their splendors, pomp, and wealth are submerged beneath the dark deep foundations by some gigantic impulse...
    • 2015 July, AJ Delgado, AV Ritter, TE Donovan, T Ziemiecki, & HO Heymann, “Effect of finishing techniques on the marginal integrity of resin‐based composite and resin‐modified glass ionomer restoration”, in Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry, volume 27, number 4:
      Moreover, the ESEM method used in the present study is nondestructive, and microleakage tests could be biased because the sizes of the molecules dye are small and it might overleak.