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Alternative forms[edit]


over- +‎ specialize



overspecialize (third-person singular simple present overspecializes, present participle overspecializing, simple past and past participle overspecialized)

  1. To specialize to an excessive degree.
    • 1915, E. H. Anderson, “Niagara County: An Account of Its Agriculture and of Its Farm Bureau”, in Twenty-eighth Annual Report of the New York State College of Agriculture at Cornell University and of the Agricultural Experiment Station, volume II, Albany: J. B. Lyon Company, published 1916, page 2093:
      The tendency to overspecialize is also noticeable in the county. Some farmers are growing fruit to the exclusion of all other crops; some carry the practice a step further and grow only peaches.
    • 1953, Robert Constant, “Overspecialization”, in The Michigan Technic, page 52:
      The greatest of benefits to be derived from a purposeful college education are an active and lasting intellectual curiosity—a pervading spirit of inquiry—and the ability to think. To attain these goals the student should direct his education in a broad field of study rather than overspecialize in a single subject.
    • 1999 February 24, Louis Jacobson, “It's the play and the song that count”, in Princeton Alumni Weekly[1]:
      Still, Winn is a savvy observer of intellectual politics, ably dissecting the economic and administrative incentives that encourage academics to overspecialize.