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overworld map (plural overworld maps)

  1. (video games) by extension, the overworld itself, as navigated using this map.


  • 1999 April 26, BuffGuy, "Shadow Madness Demo thoughts", rec.games.video.sony, Usenet,[1]
    The overworld map is kinda confusing to walk through, i had know idea where i was going.
  • 2001 July 5, Michael McIntyre, "Re: Game design theology... aka NEENER NEENER", rec.games.computer.ultima.dragons, Usenet,[2]
    By the way, the games FF2 and FF3 (both for NES, never released in the US) allowed you to save on the overworld map.
  • 2001 July 27, Kevin Sullivan, "Re: Final Fantasy X - No Overworld Map?", rec.games.video.sony, Usenet,[3]
    I remember before FFVII came out I had never seen any pics of an overworld map and I thought that it had been removed completely.
  • 2002, Andy Slaven, Video Game Bible, 1985–2002, Trafford Publishing, →ISBN, page 155,
    Featuring an enormous overworld map and expansive dungeons, this game was large to begin with, but the inclusion of the Dark World makes the game twice as big as originally perceived.
  • 2002 May 9, Zach Levy, "Re: Insane instakill overworld ambush", rec.games.roguelike.angband, Usenet,[4]
    There is a certain quest that you take, that even if you don't walk the overworld map, you will get ambushed.