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pænitence (uncountable)

  1. Obsolete spelling of penitence
    • 1581, Catholic tractates of the sixteenth century, page 122:
      Becaus it is aganis reason that absolution be geuin, and pænitence inioynit, vnles the luge, to vit the Preist, quha is in the place of Christ haue loan knaulege of the sinnis committit, quhilk he may not vndirstand vithout auricular confession, quhairby the preist may vndirstand all the sinnis of the pænitent, ather in publik or ellis in priuat, sua that Clemens disciple of S. Petir in his epistle direct to S. lames the Apostle vitnessis planelie this to be the treu tradition of S. Petir, that it behouis al Christian men villing to be absoluit to confes thair euil thochtis before the preistis of our saluiour Christ.