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A shingle roof in the medieval church of Tyrvää


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  • Hyphenation: paa‧nu



  1. A relatively thick wooden shingle.

Usage notes[edit]

The paanu is a more strictly applied term than "shingle", which may be made of a variety of materials and come in various shapes. Paanu, on the other hand, is always made of wood, is at least one, preferably two centimeters or more thick, has a pointed lower end to make the rainwater run off more easily and is treated with tar. A roof made of paanu typically lasts hundreds of years, if properly maintained.


Inflection of paanu (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative paanu paanut
genitive paanun paanujen
partitive paanua paanuja
illative paanuun paanuihin
singular plural
nominative paanu paanut
accusative nom. paanu paanut
gen. paanun
genitive paanun paanujen
partitive paanua paanuja
inessive paanussa paanuissa
elative paanusta paanuista
illative paanuun paanuihin
adessive paanulla paanuilla
ablative paanulta paanuilta
allative paanulle paanuille
essive paanuna paanuina
translative paanuksi paanuiksi
instructive paanuin
abessive paanutta paanuitta
comitative paanuineen

Derived terms[edit]

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