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pabble (third-person singular simple present pabbles, present participle pabbling, simple past and past participle pabbled)

  1. (rare, obsolete) To make the sound like liquid or porridge makes when bubbling under heat, on a stove.
    • 1827, “Noctes Ambrosianae”, in Blackwood's Magazine[1], volume 21, page 479:
      [] and also to blear your een, at the same time makin' the room so insufferably hot that water would pabble in a dish []
    • 1832, “Christopher at the Lakes”, in Blackwood's Magazine[2], volume 31, page 879:
      The hissing, and the fizzing, and the pabbling of the great pan in which the basted trouts are writhing.
    • 1834, “Stephen Oliver on Angling”, in Blackwood's Magazine[3], volume 35, page 789:
      We hear them pabbling in the pan, as the landlady turns them lightly over with her knife in the buttered meal []