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pacific +‎ -ally


pacifically (comparative more pacifically, superlative most pacifically)

  1. In a calm or quiet manner.
    • 1899 Feb, Joseph Conrad, “The Heart of Darkness”, in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, page 194:
      The water shone pacifically; the sky, without a speck, was a benign immensity of unstained light; the very mist on the Essex marshes was like a gauzy and radiant fabric, hung from the wooded rises inland, and draping the low shores in diaphanous folds.
  2. In a soothing manner.
    • 1828, British and Foreign State Papers (page 962)
      To arrange and compose pacifically, the differences which may arise between the Federal States; and, should the same not succeed, to point out to the Supreme Chief the measures which should be adopted to re-establish peace and harmony []