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packrattery (uncountable)

  1. The behavior of a packrat; a tendency to collect miscellanea or bric-a-brac, often to excess.


  • 1977: Joseph Chamberlain Furnas, Stormy Weather: Crosslights on the Nineteen Thirties: An Informal Social History of the United States 1929–1941
    But packrattery soon precluded any Williamsburgish consistency.
  • 1999: Ina Dillard Russell, Roots and Ever Green: The Selected Letters of Ina Dillard Russell
    Many stories were tape-recorded at family reunions through the years (we also are record keepers, given a little leeway for chaos and packrattery).
  • 2006: Don Aslett, Weekend Makeover: Take Your Home from Messy to Magnificent in Only 48 Hours!
    Remember the first principle of packrattery: Stuff will accumulate proportionate to the space and place made available for it.