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From paco (peace) +‎ -oza (full of).




  1. peaceful, full of peace, characterised by peace
    • 1917, Heinrich Paus, Mensch und Sonne. Homo e suno, page 29.
      Ni deziras ke por nia propra patrio, por la tota kordio di Europa nova printempo sequez pos ica terorigiva sturmo dil prezento e ke anke omna cetera nacioni ed imperii itere amikeskez e serchez lia feliceso en la pacoza laboro di granda komuneso dil kulturnacioni!
      We desire that for our own fatherland, for the entire heart of Europe a new spring follow after this horrific storm of the present and that all other nations and empire become friendly again and search their happiness in the peaceful labour of the great community of cultured nations!