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pain +‎ slut


painslut (plural painsluts)

  1. (BDSM, slang) A person who enjoys receiving pain.
    • 2001, "Edbun", Do you enjoy the pain of spanking? (discussion on Internet newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking)
      Now I'm not saying that it isn't an edge I cross from time to time, but I need the confidence that some little painslut won't decide afterward to press charges.
    • 2006, Mako Allen, Auntie Eva's Boarder
      You two are quite an addition to my little circle. We've got just about one of everything: painsluts, pony boys, rubber queens, latex lovers []
    • 2012, T. C. Blue, A Game of Hearts
      He was playing a part, but River had never really understood painsluts. A little slap and tickle was one thing, but getting off on being beaten just didn't make anything like sense to him.