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paramaniac (plural paramaniacs)

  1. a person suffering from paramania.
    • 1890, The Epitome of Medicine:
      Again, he that has studied the delusions of the paramaniac or the general progressive paretic, must acknowledge how great is the resemblance as regards the double consciousness with its resulting delusions observable in those types of insanity and a certain stage of hypnotism.
    • 1895, The Kansas City Medical Index-lancet - Volume 16, page 35:
      J. W., age 24, paramaniac was a patient in 1892, when I was a physician at the Insane hospital.
    • 2003, Dotun Adebayo, West Side Stories, →ISBN, page 84:
      She is always confessing to some terrible thing, like being an addict of some sort, a drug addict, a sex addict, a food addict, a chocaholic, an alcoholic, a kleptoholic, a paramaniac obsessive or whatever.
  2. a person who is obsessed with complaining; one who complains.
    • 1977, Oh Calcutta - Volume 6, page 31:
      Strife today is also created. It generates because it is wished, giving expressions to paramaniac and suicidal tendencies in us.
    • 2009, Mathew Kinsella, The California Tales: A Novel, →ISBN: