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parodic (comparative more parodic, superlative most parodic)

  1. Of, related to, or having characteristics of parody.
    • 2005, Moya Lloyd, Beyond Identity Politics: Feminism, Power and Politics, page 139,
      All gender is parodic in the sense that it is all imitative, but some forms are more parodic than others because that imitativeness is exposed.
    • 2010, Leslie Kurke, Aesopic Conversations: Popular Tradition, Cultural Dialogue, and the Invention of Greek Prose, page 176,
      From this common background, the G author/redactor seems to have chosen to highlight the more parodic elements in the tradition, while muting the more serious or somber representation of Aesop's heroic end.
    • 2013, James F. Austin, Proust, Pastiche, and the Postmodern: Or Why Style Matters, page 49,
      So even the pastiche one might expect to be the most parodic, the fiercest with the "target" author, turns into—at worse[sic]—an amusing exercise in self-congratulation, of Proust, by Proust.



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