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pavement pizza (countable and uncountable, plural pavement pizzas)

  1. (Britain, Australia, humorous) Vomit.
    I think I'm about to deliver a pavement pizza.
    • 2004, Andrew Holmes, Matthew Reeves, Pains on Trains: A Commuter′s Guide to the 50 Most Irritating Travel Companions, page 207,
      Being drunk is one thing, but creating a pavement pizza on a train is clearly overstepping the mark.
    • 2009, Aaron Chynn, Memoirs of an Ordinary Man: A Yorkshireman's Tale, page 77,
      I was so relieved at the end of the journey that if I had had anything left to throw up I would have made it a hat trick of pavement pizzas.
    • 2010, Michael Powell, Matt Forbeck, Forbidden Knowledge College: 101 Things Not Every Student Should Know How To Do, Adams Media, UK, page 84,
      This will make you gag and cough; keep going until your stomach starts heaving. Open your throat as if you were is about to swallow a sword; this sends another signal to your brain that a pavement pizza [is] about to be delivered.
  2. (humorous) The badly damaged bodily remains of a person who has jumped or fallen from a great height.
    • 1998, Eileen Dreyer, Brain Dead, page 287,
      She would have been pavement pizza if she hadn′t been strapped in. As it was, she was hanging from the shoulder strap like a parachutist who hit a tree.
    • 2008, Christopher Nosnibor, The Plagiarist, page 107,
      He′d even heard of there having been a jumper once. Ended up as pavement-pizza, but astoundingly still alive, now simply existing in a semi-vegetable state, a crippled slobbering mess, physically and mentally incapacitated for the remainder of his sorry life.
    • 2011, Bob Sehlinger, The Unofficial Guide to Britain′s Best Days Out, Theme Parks and Attractions, page 133,
      Fortunately, technology is in place to slow your descent before you become pavement-pizza.
  3. Roadkill.
    • 1995, Margaret Lawrence, Cousin Cassie′s Cookin′, Annette J. Bruce, J. Stephen Brooks (editors), Sandspun: Florida Tales by Florida Tellers, page 43,
      That's so the little critters can go there and eat their little hearts out instead of getting them smashed out on the road as a part of a pavement pizza.
    • 2004 September 13, Editorial Opinion, Philadelphia Daily News (PA)
      Had I been in an SUV, the kid would have been pavement pizza.
    • 2005, Paul Frederick Kluge, Final Exam, page 21,
      If that schnauzer winds up pavement pizza, they′d love reporting me, they′d be checking my tires for fur in no time.