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pavement princess (plural pavement princesses)

  1. (slang) A female prostitute who seeks clients on the street.
    • 2009, Stanley Evans, Seaweed on the Rocks (page 35)
      Out on Fort Street, a pavement princess was sitting on the sidewalk with her back to a lamppost and her legs stretched out.
    • 2010, H. A. Carson, A Roaring Girl: An Interview with the Thinking Man's Hooker (page 200)
      Anyhow, most street chicks won't do B/D, S/M scenes. Too complicated, I guess. But, one night in (of all places) Bakersfield, California, Fireass spotted a pavement princess dressed in full dominatrix attire.
  2. (slang) A vehicle (pickup truck, ute, or SUV) that has good off-road capabilities (often modified with the installation of large wheels, large tires, or lifted suspensions in order to increase off-road performance or appear more aggressive), but is rarely taken off-road.