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From pedo- (relating to soil) +‎ cal(cium).


pedocal (plural pedocals)

  1. (geology) Any of a class of soils that are rich in calcium carbonate.
    • 1983, William H. Matthews, Geology: Made Simple, page 82,
      Pedocals rich in calcium carbonate occur in regions of low rainfall and high temperature, and usually bear grasses and brush.
    • 2003, Robert E. Krebs, The Basics of Earth Science, page 162,
      Pedocals are highly alkaline (high pH readings) soils with little or no humus and are formed in arid regions where subsurface evaporation of water crystallizes as calcium or lime deposits. Alkali soils are also pedocals, with a salt content high enough to kill plants. They are found in some southwestern states of the United States.
    • 2007, S. A. Qazi, Navaid Shabir Qazi, Geography of the World, page 91,
      They[zonal soils] occur in latitudinal zone and are further divided into pedalfers and pedocals.

Usage notes[edit]

The term is not used in the current United States system of soil classification but commonly appears in college geology texts.

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