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pennyante (comparative more pennyante, superlative most pennyante)

  1. Alternative spelling of penny-ante
    • 1967, United States Congress Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Administrative Practice and Procedure, Computer Privacy, page 117:
      You wouldn't want one of your agents doing something like that just to convict a pennyante gambler.
    • 1970, National Right to Work Committee, National Right to Work Newsletter, Volumes 16-20, page 28:
      What the workers detest most is the UFW hiring hall ... the pennyante dispatch halls which give UFW organizers dictatorial control over the workers.
    • 2012, Gina Wilkins, The Littlest Stowaway, ↑ISBN:
      It would serve you right if I left you to deal with Annie and your pennyante charter service.
    • 2014, Donald E. Westlake, Why Me?:
      "So," Mologna said, "a lot of you social misfits, pennyante heisters, cheapjack four-flushers, and miserable hopeless losers figure you'll help the Police Department of the City of New York find the Byzantine Fire, is that it?"