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From percipient, itself from the Latin percipiens, the past participle of percipere (to perceive).



percipience (usually uncountable, plural percipiences)

  1. perception
  2. The state or condition of being highly perceptive, as if in an almost hypnotic or telepathic state.
    1891 She lay in a state of percipience without volition, and the rustle of the straw and the cutting of the ears by the others had the weight of bodily touches. — Thomas Hardy, Tess of the d'Urbervilles.
    2014 Percipience is sometimes increased, with individuals observing that they are more astute in judging people, in seeing patterns in data, or in reading “micro-expressions of people” and nonverbal interpersonal nuances (e.g., “I think everyone is a lot happier,” “I judge people’s body language more accurately”). - Gordon Parker, [1]


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