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perhe (family) +‎ hoito (care)



  1. foster care (formal system by which a child is cared for, in a foster family, by people other than its own parents, but without being adopted)

Usage notes[edit]

  • Legally, as of June 2015, foster care in Finland is regulated in the Child Welfare Act (lastensuojelulaki, 417/2007)[1] and the Family Care Act (perhehoitolaki, 263/2015). The term perhehoito is used of foster care in a family and the term is officially translated as "family care" into English. Similar care in an institution is called laitoshuolto and translated as "institutional care" into English. An umbrella term covering both forms of care is sijaishuolto, or "substitute care".


Inflection of perhehoito (Kotus type 1/valo, t-d gradation)
nominative perhehoito perhehoidot
genitive perhehoidon perhehoitojen
partitive perhehoitoa perhehoitoja
illative perhehoitoon perhehoitoihin
singular plural
nominative perhehoito perhehoidot
accusative nom. perhehoito perhehoidot
gen. perhehoidon
genitive perhehoidon perhehoitojen
partitive perhehoitoa perhehoitoja
inessive perhehoidossa perhehoidoissa
elative perhehoidosta perhehoidoista
illative perhehoitoon perhehoitoihin
adessive perhehoidolla perhehoidoilla
ablative perhehoidolta perhehoidoilta
allative perhehoidolle perhehoidoille
essive perhehoitona perhehoitoina
translative perhehoidoksi perhehoidoiksi
instructive perhehoidoin
abessive perhehoidotta perhehoidoitta
comitative perhehoitoineen