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  1. Synonym of pericynthion
    • 1971, Lunar Mission Safety and Rescue: Escape/rescue Analysis and Plan:
      A zero or partical burn, not complicated by guidance malfunction, which results in a velocity of more than 7550 ft/sec at periselene places the prime transport vehicle (PTV) on a hyperbolic escape trajectory out of the lunar sphere of influence.
    • 1972, G. A. Skuridin, Space physics and spacecraft, page 65:
      The lunar module shifted into an elliptic orbit with a periselene altitude of 14.3 km ± 200 m and an aposelene altitude of 113.2 km. At periselene tests of the radar altimeter, which ensures the landing of the lunar module on the Moon's surface, were carried out.
    • 2013, Christopher Russell & ‎Vassilis Angelopoulos, The ARTEMIS Mission, →ISBN, page 19:
      These are a periselene altitude reduction and an inclination increase.

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