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Alternative forms[edit]


From pretty +‎ near. See Carleton County Colloquialisms.


pertineer (not comparable)

  1. (colloquial) Almost; nearly.
    • 1911, Agnes Roma Johnson, et al., “Keeping Up Appearances”, in Pacific Short Story Club magazine, volume 4–6, Pacific Short Story Club, page 23:
      "She made one leap towards it, but when she touched the pitcher, she drew back in dismay. 'My! It's pertineer boilin'!' she gasped."
    • 1997, Leonard C. Sly, Worlds of Pain and Joy: Reflections on Working-Class Lives, University of Michigan-Flint:
      "'But my oldest sister was twelve at that time, "pertineer" thirteen and she always seemed like a mother to us.'"
    • 2008, Merri Hiatt, Penelope's Passion, MH Books, page 196:
      "Mark answered, 'I've known Ian McCafferty pertineer all his life.'"