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perturbance (countable and uncountable, plural perturbances)

  1. perturbation
    • 2007 December 22, Heino F. L. Meyer-Bahlburg, Curtis Dolezal, Susan W. Baker and Maria I. New, “Sexual Orientation in Women with Classical or Non-classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia as a Function of Degree of Prenatal”, in Archives of Sexual Behavior, volume 37, number 1, DOI:10.1007/s10508-007-9265-1:
      The developmental instability theory explains homosexuality as a perturbance of the complex processes of prenatal brain development by exogenous influences and was originally stimulated by findings of increased non-right handedness among homosexuals of both sexes (Lalumière, Blanchard, & Zucker, 2000 ), but attempts at finding an association of homosexuality with fluctuating asymmetry as a broader index of developmental instability have been unsuccessful (Rahman, 2005 ).