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Compound of pesu (washing) +‎ karhu (bear); calque of Swedish tvättbjörn and German Waschbär (raccoon).


  • IPA(key): [ˈpesuˌkɑrxu]
  • Hyphenation: pe‧su‧kar‧hu
  • Rhymes: -u


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  1. raccoon, Procyon lotor
  2. raccoon (any species in the genus Procyon)

Usage notes[edit]

A working group for naming mammals proposed in 2008 that "raccoon" should be named supi in Finnish, as: a) all other species in the genus have supi in their name, although the genus is pesukarhut, b) raccoon is not a karhu (bear), and c) the term supi has been used in Finland of the fur of raccoon and of the animal by Finnish Americans. The opponents claim that this convention would just add to the confusion as the term pesukarhu is unambiguous and raccoon dog is supikoira in Finnish, often called only supi in common language. As a result, supi has not gained popularity as Finnish name of raccoon.


Inflection of pesukarhu (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative pesukarhu pesukarhut
genitive pesukarhun pesukarhujen
partitive pesukarhua pesukarhuja
illative pesukarhuun pesukarhuihin
singular plural
nominative pesukarhu pesukarhut
accusative nom. pesukarhu pesukarhut
gen. pesukarhun
genitive pesukarhun pesukarhujen
partitive pesukarhua pesukarhuja
inessive pesukarhussa pesukarhuissa
elative pesukarhusta pesukarhuista
illative pesukarhuun pesukarhuihin
adessive pesukarhulla pesukarhuilla
ablative pesukarhulta pesukarhuilta
allative pesukarhulle pesukarhuille
essive pesukarhuna pesukarhuina
translative pesukarhuksi pesukarhuiksi
instructive pesukarhuin
abessive pesukarhutta pesukarhuitta
comitative pesukarhuineen


  • supi (disputed, see "Usage notes" above)