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phospho- +‎ vimentin


phosphovimentin (uncountable)

  1. phosphorylated vimentin
    • 2015 August 7, Fong Kuan Wong et al., “Sustained Pax6 Expression Generates Primate-like Basal Radial Glia in Developing Mouse Neocortex”, in PLoS Biology[1], volume 13, DOI:10.1371/journal.pbio.1002217:
      The following primary antibodies were used; ßIII-tubulin (Sigma, T8578 1:500), BrdU and IdU (Becton Dickinson, 347580, 1:100), BrdU only (Abcam, ab6326, 1:100), Brn2 (Santa Cruz, SC-6029, 1:200), caspase-3 (Abcam, ab2302, 1:500), cyclinD1 (Thermo, MA1-39546, 1:200), γ-tubulin (Sigma, T5326, 1:200), GFAP (Millipore, MAB 360, 1:500), HSV tag (Abcam, ab19354, 1:200), Ki67 (Abcam, ab16667, 1:300), nestin (Abcam, AB5968, 1:200), Olig2 (Thermo, MA5-15810, 1:200), Pax6 (Covance, PRB-278P, 1:200), PCNA (Millipore, MAB424, 1:100), PH3 (Millipore, 06–570, 1:500), phosphovimentin (Abcam, ab22651, 1:500), RFP (Chemotek, 5F8, 1:500), SATB2 (Abcam, ab51502, 1:200), Sox2 (Santa Cruz, SC17320, 1:500), Tbr1 (Abcam, ab31940, 1:200), and Tbr2 (Abcam, ab23345, 1:200).