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Etymology 1[edit]

Coined by André Blondel in 1921. See photo-.


phot ‎(plural phots)

  1. A photometric unit of illuminance, or luminous flux through an area (symbol ph).

Etymology 2[edit]

Short for photograph.



phot ‎(third-person singular simple present phots, present participle photting, simple past and past participle photted)

  1. (informal) to photograph
    • 1999 May 28, David Johnson, “Re:re Looking on with responsibility”[1], aus.rail, Usenet:
      They said no, so I climbed off a bridge and spent the rest of the day photting and cab-riding around BHP without permission.
    • 2016 July 12, "The Three Rivers Rambler", “Re: Plane identity still a mystery”[2], alt.local.geordie, Usenet:
      It's not an aerial one though as I havn't devved the transparency stuff yet, and I'll not get chance tommorrow as I'm photting the Touring Cars @ Croft.
    • 2016 June 9, "", “FA: Rupert grint photo silver dog tag dogtag necklace pendant jewelry (#:1531663)”[3], alt.marketplace, Usenet:
      dog tag is hard to phot because it is so shiny.