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photon belt (plural photon belts)

  1. (New Age) A mythical dangerous belt of photons emanating from the Pleiades that will collide with the Earth in the near future according to New Age mystics.
    • 1993, Foster Perry When Lightning Strikes a Hummingbird: The Awakening of a Healer, page 78→ISBN
      According to many ancient Mayan esoteric beliefs, Alcyone is the central star of the Pleiadian star system, and our sun is the outermost star of this system. The Mayan Great Cycle is a calendar that delineates the [26,000]-year-long orbit of our sun and solar system around Alycone. According to the latest discoveries in astronomy, our sun is moving into a "photon belt," or belt of light particles. As we move deeper and deeper into this photon belt, it would seem that we are moving into the Age of Light described in many ancient prophecies as well as by the Mayans. My latest theory about the photon belt, which combines science, astrology, esoteric sources, and secret information given to me by indigenous people, is that we cyclically travel through this belt of light for [2000] years and then travel outside of it for about [11,000] years.
    • 1994, Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidel, You are Becoming a Galactic Human, →ISBN:
      This photon belt — a huge mass of light — will be the vehicle for your restoration to full consciousness and for the complete transformation of your DNA and chakra systems.
    • 2001Zpassage=What happens as we approach the end of each cycle of 26,000 years is that our solar system enters a very high frequency area known as a Photon Belt. We first began to penetrate the Photon Belt in 1972, though we were only touching the edges., Ron Baker, Revelations for a Healing World, Book One: