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Alternative forms[edit]


Adjective is from photoshop (verb).



  1. simple past tense and past participle of photoshop


photoshopped (not comparable)

  1. Of an image: digitally edited or altered.
    • 1997, Eye: The International Review of Graphic Design, v 6, n 24, p 12:
      I think this was true at Cranbrook, where after a certain point there seemed to be a sense of manifest destiny, that all design history was leading up to this glorious moment where every message, regardless of its content, could now be collaged with a quote from a French structuralist, a diagram of an electrical circuit, and a Photoshopped image of the back of someone's head, and that the very nature of communication would thus be transformed.
    • 2006, Mitchell Beazley, The Book of Hip Hop Cover Art, Mitch, p 7:
      You can see the difference between the amateur hour of the earliest independent rap covers and the Quarked and Photoshopped delights today's platinum artists offer us, und this difference is where the story lies.