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From phyto- +‎ -tomy.


phytotomy (uncountable)

  1. (botany, dated) The study of the internal structures of plants.
    • 1821, Elements of the Philosophy of Plants[1], translation of original by Augustin Pyramus de Candolle:
      Phytotomy, or anatomy of plants
    • 1877, George Gulliver, “List of Plants which afford Raphides, Sphæraphides, Long Crystal Prisms, and Short Prismatic Crystals”, in Henry Lawson, editor, The Monthly Microscopical Journal[2]:
      Having often been asked for the names of the plants in which these crystals may be most conveniently examined and distinguished, probably a short list of them, with a few explanatory remarks, would be useful to the students of this interesting and too much neglected branch of microscopic phytotomy.
    • 1895, William Darling, The Essentials of Anatomy[3]:
      Anatomy may be divided into two great classes, Phytotomy, or vegetable anatomy, and Zoötomy, or animal anatomy.