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From pinaco(derm) +‎ -cyte.


pinacocyte (plural pinacocytes)

  1. (biology) Any of a group of flattened polygonal cells that together make up the pinacoderm in the dermal epithelium of sponges.
    • 1961, Contributions to Marine Science, University of Wales Marine Science Laboratories, page 3,
      Minchin (1896, 1898, 1908) also concluded that the pinacocytes could leave the dermal epithelium and become calcoblasts in both larva and adult sponge.
    • 1992, Martin Rowland, Biology, page 626,
      As you can see in Fig 27.7, sponges have only three types of cells in their bodies: pinacocytes (epithelial cells), choanocytes (collar cells) and amoebocytes (amoeboid cells).
    • 2012, T. L. Simpson, The Cell Biology of Sponges, page 570,
      Despite this, in some studies the origin of new pinacocytes is not clear or is disputed (Wilson and Penney, 1930; Borojevic and Lévi, 1965).

Derived terms[edit]

  • basipinacocyte (cell which adheres to the surface to which the sponge attaches)
  • endopinacocyte (cell on the inner surface of a canal of the sponge)
  • exopinacocyte (cell on the exterior surface of the sponge)

Related terms[edit]