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  1. simple past tense and past participle of pipe


piped (not comparable)

  1. Shaped like a pipe; tubular.
  2. Conveyed by a pipe.
    • 1960 December, “New G.E. Line diesel loco maintenance depot at Stratford”, in Trains Illustrated, page 767:
      All other piped services for the locomotives are provided in the shed; two types of lubricating oil, a waste-oil pipeline, compressed air, radiator-coolant water and both hard- and soft-water pipelines.
  3. (rail transport) Of a rail vehicle, having a through brake pipe, without the vehicle having brakes operating from it.
    • 1946 March and April, “The Why and The Wherefore: "Fitted" and "Piped" Wagons”, in Railway Magazine, page 128:
      Vacuum-fitted wagons are provided with complete vacuum-brake equipment; "piped" wagons have through pipes, enabling them to be marshalled in vacuum-braked trains without interrupting the continuity of the vacuum brake connections, but are not provided themselves with vacuum brake gear.