piss in someone's Cheerios

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piss in someone's Cheerios (third-person singular simple present pisses in someone's Cheerios, present participle pissing in someone's Cheerios, simple past and past participle pissed in someone's Cheerios)

  1. Alternative form of piss in someone's cornflakes
    • 2010, Amaleka McCall, Price of Fame:
      “Dayum, young blood, who done pissed in your Cheerios?” a voice called out from a big-body Mercedes-Benz S500 that pulled up as Jordan almost reached the corner of his block.
    • 2010, Anthony E. Zuiker, Dark Origins: Level 26: Book One:
      It proved the thing was mortal, not some supernatural entity set on pissing in their Cheerios the rest of their days. That alone gave Riggins something he hadn't felt in a while. Hope.