piss in someone's pocket

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piss in someone's pocket

  1. (Australia, slang) To say flattering or fawning things to a person in the hope of gaining favour with them.
    • 1994, Jon Cleary, Autumn Maze, page 249,
      ‘Don′t piss in my pocket, son. How would you know what I used to be?’ But he was flattered.
    • 2007, Bryce Courtenay, The Persimmon Tree, Volume 1 of 2, page 248,
      [] Son, I′m not the type to piss in your pocket, but we have a shortage of your kind of chap.’
    • 2009, Dianne Blacklock, False Advertising, page 146,
      ‘I′m not pissing in your pocket,’ Gemma said quickly. ‘I just mean, what′s not to like? You′re the most inoffensive person I′ve ever met.’
      Helen was not sure if that was a compliment.

Usage notes[edit]

Often negated, to deny that one′s words are meant as flattery.