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piss +‎ hole


pisshole (plural pissholes)

  1. (slang, vulgar) urethra
    • 2011, David Holly, Delicious Darkness, page 192
      I pushed my ass back toward the voodoo man's thick, leaking cock, and the jism dripping from his pisshole lubricated my asshole. My anus grew slick and opened of its own accord. The more of his cum that wet my hole, the more my muscles contracted to give him easy entrance.
    • 2009, John Patrick, Naughty by Nature, page 90
      As is, he and I know the wetness is natural lubricant oozing from the pisshole of his big dick.
    • 2007, John Patrick, Mad About the Boys, page 80
      "Beautiful meat!" I say, squeezing the huge young fuck-tool, testing its hardness and hotness and silky smoothness with my fingertips. I kiss and nibble it from balls to pisshole.
    • 2007, James Lear, Hot Valley, page 167
      I pulled my mouth away and a long silver string of sticky juice hung between my lips and his pisshole. I smeared it around my face, wondering if this would be my last taste of Bennett Young's love juice.
    • 2006, Tom Graham, Cowboys: Gay Erotic Tales
      Thick drops of precum seeped from his pisshole.
    • 2004, Michael Huxley, Men Amplified, page 44
      He lowered his eyes almost imperceptibly and I resumed the slow suction of his manhood up my chute, his pisshole issuing warm increments of natural lubrication as it slid deep inside me.
  2. (slang, vulgar) an unpleasant place
    • 1989, Thomas Szollosi, The Proving (page 55)
      High school crowds; doinks with nothing better to do than come down to this pisshole and wave through the glass partition at the biggest jerk in the whole gang.