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pitying +‎ -ly


pityingly (comparative more pityingly, superlative most pityingly)

  1. In a pitying manner.
    • 1907, Barbara Baynton, edited by Sally Krimmer and Alan Lawson, Human Toll (Portable Australian Authors: Barbara Baynton), St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, published 1980, page 273:
      Ursula knew that Palmer had been astir at dawn, but not to attend to his usual duties, for she pityingly had freed the thirsty, uncared for sheep; many of these were now bogged in the various water-holes along the river.
    • 1911, Max Beerbohm, Zuleika Dobson:
      The lady in the mirror gazed at the lady in the room, reproachfully at first, then — for were they not sisters? — relentingly, then pityingly.