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Issus coleoptratus, a planthopper
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plant +‎ hopper


planthopper (plural planthoppers)

  1. Any of many insects, of superfamily Fulgoroidea, that bear a remarkable resemblance to leaves and are capable of prodigious leaps.
    • 1997, Rosamond L. Naylor, Paul R. Ehrlich, Chapter 9: Natural Pest Control Services and Agriculture, Gretchen Daily (editor), Nature's Services: Societal Dependence On Natural Ecosystems, page 156,
      Cumulative losses from the brown planthopper have been estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars (Denno and Perfect 1994) and accounted in 1990 for some 6 percent of the total value foregone from all biotic and abiotic factors that reduce rice production (Herdt 1991).
    • 2000, E. M. Craddock, 1: Speciatio Processes in the Adaptive Radiation of Hawaiian Plants and Animals, Max K. Hecht, Ross J. MacIntyre, Michael T. Clegg (editors), Evolutionary Biology, Volume 31, page 20,
      The sap-feeding planthoppers (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea) are ubiquitous in virtually all Hawaiian terrestrial ecosystems.
    • 2011, Ross Piper, Pests: A Guide to the World's Most Maligned, Yet Misunderstood Creatures, page 130,
      Planthoppers begin life as eggs deposited in fissures on the surface of their host plant or even beneath the bark.

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