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pleromatic (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to pleroma.
    • 2008, Lucy Huskinson, Dreaming the Myth Onwards: New Directions in Jungian Therapy and Thought, →ISBN:
      But the pleromatic split is in its turn a symptom of a much deeper split in the divine will: the father wants to become the son, God wants to become man, the amoral wants to become exclusively good, the unconscious wants to become consciously the same measure as God sets out to become man, man is immersed in the pleromatic process.
    • 2014, Cyril O'Regan, Gnostic Return in Modernity, →ISBN, page 119:
      Like PSY, the Tractate articulates a pleromatic system in the sense of a configuration of the divine sphere.
    • 2014, Ken Wilber, The Atman Project, →ISBN:
      The simplest, earliest, and crudest form of the Atman project is that of the pleromatic state. We saw that the self at this stage was autistic, adual, largely devoid of differentiation. Further, the pleromatic self was one with the environment.