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plink (plural plinks)

  1. A short, high-pitched metallic or percussive sound.


plink (third-person singular simple present plinks, present participle plinking, simple past and past participle plinked)

  1. To make a plink sound.
  2. (with "out") (colloquial) To play a song or a portion of a song, usually on a percussion instrument such as a piano.
    • 1971: Louis C. Reichman, Barry J. Wishart, American Politics and Its Interpreters
      He can plink out Let Me Call You Sweetheart for reporters on a piano or rib himself on television talk shows []
    • 1997: Kevin Osborn, Signe Larson, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bringing Up Baby
      Your child may also begin to plink out a few notes on a xylophone or toy piano before her first birthday.
    • 2004: Angela Elwell Hunt, The Truth Teller
      The female deputy sat down at the ramshackle piano and proceeded to plink out the opening notes of "Heart and Soul."