plough into

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Alternative forms[edit]


plough into (third-person singular simple present ploughs into, present participle ploughing into, simple past and past participle ploughed into)

  1. To crash into something.
    The lorry ploughed into the line of stationary cars.
  2. To engage in some activity with vigor
    • 2011, The Economist, Samsung: The next big bet
      In a bid to escape the vagaries of consumer electronics, Samsung may be ploughing headlong into the areas most ripe for invasion by a new breed of emerging-market titans.
  3. (transitive) To invest a resource (money, material, energy) into something
    • 2012, The Economist, Marketing start-ups: Geeks aren't known for their social skills
      Young start-ups usually have had two financing options: hands-off venture capitalists that are willing to plough money into a company without rolling up their sleeves, or business incubators that are short on funds but wealthy in enthusiasm and knowledge.