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polyvinylchloride (plural polyvinylchlorides)

  1. Alternative spelling of polyvinyl chloride
    • 1992, W. S. Winston Ho, Kamalesh K. Sirkar, Membrane Handbook, page 768:
      A solvent membrane of essentially tributyl phosphate (TBP) formed in a polyvinylchloride matrix by casting a solution of PVC, TBP, and cyclohexane and supported further on a paper support.
    • 2007, William N. Rom, Steven B. Markowitz, Environmental and Occupational Medicine, page 541:
      Pneumoconiosis caused by the inhalation of polyvinylchloride dust.
    • 2011, Audrey Pavia, Janice Posnikoff,, Horses For Dummies, page 150:
      The best material to use, in our opinion, is polyvinylchloride, arranged in a post-and-rail design.