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ponerse (first-person singular present me pongo, first-person singular preterite me puse, past participle puesto)

  1. reflexive of poner, to put on, as in clothing.
    Me puse las gafas.I put my glasses on.
  2. to become (used with an adjective, especially a negative adjective)
    Se puso muy enfermo después de comerse la comida descompuesta.He got very sick after eating the rotten food.
    el jamón se puso secothe ham turned dry
    ponte guapa para la fiestasmarten up for the party
    Synonyms: hacerse, volverse, convertirse
  3. to set (sun)
    ¿A qué hora se pone el sol?What time does the sun set?
  4. to begin (doing something)
    Se puso a decirnos de las cosas que había visto.He began telling us about the things he had seen.
    Me pondré con ello inmediatamente.I'll get on it right away.


Usage notes[edit]

  • ponerse in the sense of to become is used to indicate changes in physical condition, appearance, or mood (voluntary or involuntary) which are usually short-lived.
  • The form of ponerse a is followed by an infinitive verb form.

Derived terms[edit]