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Blend of poodle +‎ beagle.


poogle (plural poogles)

  1. a type of dog, a beagle-poodle hybrid.
    • 2008, Mitch Meyerson, Mary Eule Scarborough, Mastering Online Marketing, Entrepreneur Media, Inc., →ISBN, page 36:
      For example, let’s say you've done some research and confirmed that there are a growing number of city apartment dwellers who have, or are looking to buy, a poogle (a beagle-poodle hybrid).
    • 2008 March 30, Brenda Showalter, “Designer dog breeds collar attention”, in The Republic, Columbus, Ind., page C1:
      Puggles, poogles and schnoodles. Schnockers, dorkies and doodles. Dog lovers have hundreds of breeds to pick from when selecting a new family pet, and crossbreeds, sometimes called hybrids or designer dogs, offer unusual choices.
    • 2013, Trish Felice Cohen, Maternity Leave, Bella Books:
      John and Julie have four dogs: a rat-poo, which is a rat terrier mixed with a toy poodle, a yorkie poo, a poogle and my favorite, a shih-tzu poo.