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poonts pl (plural only)

  1. (slang) breasts.
    • 2006, Dewey Lambdin, A King's Trade, page 70:
      He managed to tear his eyes away from gawping at her impressive bosom; the newest woman's fashion's evidently allowed even the Respectable to sport low necklines, and her "poonts" or "cat-heads" could not be faulted!
    • 2010, Michael Grady, A True History of the Robson Mistake, page 77:
      When we had done the first time, Liza Jane lay sweatin' and pantin' in me arms an' I clasped a paw across her poonts and squoze 'er belly fondly.
    • 2013, George MacDonald Fraser, Flashman and the Dragon, page 103:
      Well, naked tits never appeal to me in vain [] I disengaged the clasp of her fingers so I could work at her poonts with one hand and her stern with t'other.