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populus (people) +‎ -āris



populāris (neuter populāre, adverb populāriter); third-declension two-termination adjective

  1. popular (by, of or for the people)


Third-declension two-termination adjective.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter
Nominative populāris populāre populārēs populāria
Genitive populāris populārium
Dative populārī populāribus
Accusative populārem populāre populārēs
Ablative populārī populāribus
Vocative populāris populāre populārēs populāria


  • Catalan: popular
  • English: popular
  • French: populaire
  • Italian: popolare
  • Ladin: populer


populāris n (genitive populāris); third declension

  1. compatriot, comrade


Third-declension noun (neuter, parisyllabic non-i-stem).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative populāris populāra
Genitive populāris populārum
Dative populārī populāribus
Accusative populāris populāra
Ablative populāre populāribus
Vocative populāris populāra

Related terms[edit]


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    • (ambiguous) to accommodate something to the standard of the popular intelligence: ad intellegentiam communem or popularem accommodare aliquid
    • (ambiguous) popular favour; popularity: aura favoris popularis (Liv. 22. 26)
    • (ambiguous) popular favour; popularity: populi favor, gratia popularis
    • (ambiguous) popular favour; popularity: aura popularis (Harusp. 18. 43)
    • (ambiguous) to court popularity: auram popularem captare (Liv. 3. 33)
    • (ambiguous) a popular man: aurae popularis homo (Liv. 42. 30)
    • (ambiguous) to strive to gain popular favour by certain means: ventum popularem quendam (in aliqua re) quaerere
    • (ambiguous) unpopularity: offensio populi, popularis
    • (ambiguous) to use some one's unpopularity as a means of making oneself popular: ex invidia alicuius auram popularem petere (Liv. 22. 26)
    • (ambiguous) a democrat: homo popularis
    • (ambiguous) a man who genuinely wishes the people's good: homo vere popularis (Catil. 4. 5. 9)
    • (ambiguous) a democratic leader: homo florens in populari ratione
    • (ambiguous) democracy: imperium populi or populare, civitas or res publica popularis
    • (ambiguous) to take up the cause of the people, democratic principles: causam popularem suscipere or defendere
    • (ambiguous) popular agitation: iactatio, concitatio popularis
    • (ambiguous) tricks of a demagogue: artes populares
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