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From pornographic +‎ -ally.


pornographically (comparative more pornographically, superlative most pornographically)

  1. In a pornographic manner.
    • 1991, Adelaide law review, Volumes 13-14, page 164:
      When I talk of men producing and using pornography and women being portrayed in pornography, I do not suggest that all men use pornography, that no woman produces pornography or that only women are ever portrayed pornographically.
    • 2008, Jane Eastoe, Sarah Gristwood, Fabulous Frocks (page 37)
      Westwood inevitably succumbed to the allure of the dress, but her vision was in latex, cut indecently low in the neck and pornographically short in hem.
  2. Having extreme or explicit content, whether or not the content is sexual in nature.
    That movie is pornographically violent.