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Old Portuguese[edit]


From Latin postrēmus (last) +‎ -eiro.


  • IPA(key): /pos.tɾe.ˈmej.ɾo/, [pos̺.tɾe.ˈmej.ɾo]


postremeiro m (plural postremeiros, feminine postremeira, feminine plural postremeiras)

  1. last (coming after all others)
    • 13th century, attributed to Alfonso X of Castile, Cantigas de Santa Maria, E codex, cantiga 317 (facsimile):
      Esta e dun miragre que fez ſṫa m̈ de ſalaſ por hũa moller de Lerida q̇lle morrerõ ſeoſ fillos, ⁊ o poſtremeiro reſſucitoullo ſanta maria, que auia tres dias que era morto.
      This one is about a miracle that Holy Mary of Salas worked for a woman from Lerida whose children had died, and Holy Mary resuscitated the last one, who had been dead for three days.